Anish India Exports and Jeanologia open world’s first zero-waste garment finishing plant in India, fully managed and led by women

Celebrating womanhood in a unique way, Anish India Exports and Jeanologia have launched the world’s first fully sustainable garment finishing plant in India, 100% managed and led by women. Called Laundry 5.Zero, world’s first eco-efficient operational center is a joint project of Anish India Exports (AIE) and Jeanologia.

The plant delivers zero discharge and 85% water savings to achieve Mission Zero, which is ‘dehydrate and detoxify the denim industry by 2025’.

India contributes to a large proportion of the world’s textile and apparel industry and women account for 60% of its workforce. Often underrepresented in jobs and leadership positions in their workplaces and communities, Indian women professionals lack their much-deserved recognition.

Ishita Tandon – Chief Sustainable Officer, AIE Laundry: “Our goal is that diversity in leadership is not only healthy for the business, but also that women can show their full creative potential and empower them throughout the company.”

Carmen Silla – Marketing Director, Jeanologia points out: “Our technologies create an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient blue jeans industry and we found in AIE the perfect match on this transformational journey.”

Laundry 5.Zero

Laundry 5.Zero is an operational center that produces sustainably on an industrial scale by efficiently combining the technologies Laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, Colorbox and the first water recycling system H2Zero. It eliminates all the processes that are harmful for workers and the environment.

Tandon adds: “In our smart factories, our aim is to consistently manufacture and supply apparel that meets the contractual requirements of quality and safety, delivered on time. All manufacturing is in-house and follows stringent quality controls at every stage.”

Silla notes: “We are convinced that small actions can make big changes, and a sustainable garment plant led by women in India is the best way to start it.” The aim of Laundry 5.Zero is to empower women and establish a new operational model that brings the industry into the digital era, achieving low impact developments, 98% recycled water and zero waste production.  

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