Bluesign unveils impact services in Bangalore & Tiruppur – A Quantum Leap in Sustainable Textile Solutions

Bluesign, a driving force in advancing sustainable practices across the global textile supply chain, continues to raise the bar with the introduction of its groundbreaking IMPACT services tailored for the Indian markets. The seminars, themed “Sustainable Textile Manufacturing – the bluesign Way,” was held in both Bangalore and Tiruppur, reaffirming Bluesign’s commitment to fostering sustainable textile manufacturing.

Both events showcased Bluesign’s collaboration with their system partner “Resil Chemicals,” drawing in an impressive array of top Indian brands such as Arvind Ltd., ABFRL, Reliance, Raymond, Shahi Exports, Myntra Fashions, and Page Industries, among others. Representatives from various Associations including AIC NIFT TEA, TEA, TEKPA, AEPC, ROSPA, FIEO & DAT and Buying & Dyeing houses also graced the occasion, adding significant industry insights.

The Chief Guest, Padma Shri Dr. A. Sakthivel, Honorary Chairman/Founder President of the Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA), and President of FIEO, addressed the audience on the potential of carbon credits and how the bluesign impact report can empower Tiruppur’s industries to harness this opportunity. The seminars further witnessed prominent industry figures including Mr. T.R Srikanth, President of TEKPA, Mr. Raju V.R Palaniswany, President of ROSPA, Mr. K. Nagesh, President of Tirupur Dyes and Chemical Merchant Association, and Mr. V Sudhakar, Joint Secretary of Tirupur Dyers Association. They collectively emphasized the significance of sustainability and pledged their support for bluesign’s transformative services.

Mr. S. Periswamy, CEO of AIC NIFT TEA Tirupur, echoed these sentiments as the Chief Guest, highlighting the importance of Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) in today’s business landscape. He underscored how both Bluesign and ESG embrace a holistic view of sustainability, encompassing environmental, social, and governance factors.

The seminar proceedings were skillfully orchestrated by Mr. Prashant Pote, Country CRM India, and Ms. Katharina Mayer, Regional CRM for the Indian Subcontinent. The presentation began with the enlightening Bluesign Story, tracing the brand’s journey over the last 23 years. Ms. Mayer elaborated on bluesign’s comprehensive solutions for customers, introducing the much-anticipated IMPACT services.

Ms. Mayer elucidated, “Bluesign stands as a comprehensive solutions system for the textile value chain, with a dedicated focus on sustainable chemistry. Through on-site assessments, meticulous input stream management, and proactive chemical change management, the Bluesign team collaborates with system partners including brands, manufacturers, and chemical suppliers to develop unique solutions. This holistic approach fosters environmental performance improvement, enhanced working conditions, and reduced resource consumption, ensuring utmost safety for individuals, the planet, and consumers, with minimal impact.”

She went on to stress that “sustainability now entails more than using the ‘right chemicals’ to minimize harm; it involves responsible production that is both conscious of production site impact data and adept at leveraging mechanisms to minimize impact.”

With a global network of over 800 Bluesign System partners and counting, India emerges as a pivotal market to offer such transformative services. Ms. Mayer expressed eagerness to collaborate with brands, mills, and dyeing houses in India’s journey towards responsible textile production.

Amid the evolving global textile landscape, India is poised to transcend its reputation as a price-sensitive market and evolve into a reputable and responsible player in sustainable textile production. The newly launched IMPACT service, an offshoot of the bluesign system partnership, aims to facilitate this transformation by providing affordable impact reporting to brands.

The manufacturing community demonstrated keen interest in the bluesign impact measurement, aligning with society’s growing demand for positive environmental action. As Bluesign fosters the ethos of sustainable production, the path to meaningful impact reduction is now clearer than ever.

The bluesign® SYSTEM paves the way for sustainable textile production by eliminating harmful substances at the outset of the manufacturing process. It establishes standards for environmentally friendly and safe production, ensuring textiles meet stringent consumer safety standards worldwide. Since its founding in 2000, bluesign technologies ag has garnered global acclaim, with leading textile and accessory manufacturers embracing the bluesign® SYSTEM. Notably, significant players in the chemical and machine industry as well as renowned outdoor, sportswear, and fashion brands trust the extensive knowledge offered by bluesign technologies ag.