Coloreel introduces 100% recycled thread

Coloreel is pleased to announce that they have become even more sustainable with the introduction of recycled polyester thread to be used with the groundbreaking technology for embroidery that enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand. In collaboration with world leading thread manufacturer Madeira, customers of Coloreel now have the possibility to reduce their impact even further.

In line with Coloreel’s mission to provide more sustainable and creative embroidery methods Coloreel will shift over to offer 100% recycled polyester thread to be used with the instant thread coloring technology for embroideries. This will provide customers the ability to create more sustainable embroideries with thousands of colors, CMYK, RGB/HEX and PMS compatible.

The polyester is created from 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles and developed in collaboration with world leading thread manufacturer Madeira. The colored recycled thread has passed through all industry standard quality testing and provides same fastness properties as virgin polyester thread and is certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The recycled thread will be sold in sets of 6 x 10kilometer thread reels. With the ambition to further minimize impact, the thread cone is made from recycled plastics and will be packaged and shipped in recycled carton boxes.

Torbjörn Bäck, CEO Coloreel Group comments:

“On Coloreel’s mission to increase sustainability is this shift towards using 100% recycled polyester thread used in our instant thread coloring technology a great step. This provides our customers with a more sustainable embroidery alternative and solves the problem with lack of availability of recycled polyester thread in a large variety of colors.”

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