ISKO Vital+™ integrates SANITIZED AG’s silver-based patented polymer technology into its Supreme line of face coverings

Now, ISKO Vital+™’s Supreme line of face coverings will have the protection of SANITIZED AG’s silver-based patented polymer matrix technology.

The Swiss antimicrobial hygiene giant ensures that its technology reduces bacteria up to 99.99% on the surface of the material. Independent laboratories have tested and confirmed that the Sanitized® additive is also effective against viruses. Its antimicrobial properties work like a built-in deodorant to combat odours, helping to keep face coverings fresh and more comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. 

Speaking with the officials at SANITIZED AG reveals crucial information on the technology, partnerships and face coverings.


Q: What led to applying Sanitized® technology to masks and face covers?

A: It was our customers that led us to the opportunity. ISKO Vital+’s parent company Sanko was the first to come to us with the idea. They were looking for a way to integrate anti-microbial properties into their face coverings.

We wanted to ensure that our technology would not cause any issues being worn over the mouth and nose, so in addition to ISKO Vital+’s tests, we ran independent anti-viral tests with Sanitized® products, which yielded positive test results. Our silver-based technology does not have any particles, which means there is no danger from inhalation. We do not use nano-technology as there are not enough conclusive results to ensure its safety for face masks.

Once we had the evidence, we worked with ISKO Vital+ and together we launched the first community face covering with antimicrobial Sanitized® technology.

Q: Why ISKO Vital+?

A: Our OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label and Bluesign Approved certifications are testaments to the fact that all Sanitized® products are safe for humans to use. Additionally, ISKO Vital+’s investments in R&D, design, sustainable materials and their dedication to help stop the spread of viruses and microbes has been impressive. This commitment was echoed by their extensive testing programme and certifications. We are aware of ISKO Vital+’s comfortable, and affordable designs for face coverings which is in alignment with our ethos of helping deliver long-lasting freshness and odour protection.

Q: Is it true that SANITIZED employees wear ISKO Vital+ face coverings?

A: Yes. We initially purchased ISKO Vital+ Supreme face coverings for visitors and customers to wear. We have provided 20 ISKO Vital+ masks to each of our employees for themselves and their families to use.

ISKO Vital+ was the first to brand their face coverings with the Sanitized® ingredient brand. They are committed to communicating good mask hygiene and their quality seal and good test results help to instil consumer confidence in the safety, quality and comfort that come with an ISKO Vital+ and Sanitized® branded face covering.

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