Sutlej inaugurates new plant for PSF using recycled PET

Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd. has announced commissioning of its second unit at Himachal for producing polyester staple fibre by recycling PET. The new plant was inaugurated by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur. Sutlej has invested around Rs. 239 crores in this second unit, which is expected to provide employment to 600 people.

Executive Chairman of Sutlej Textiles and Industries Mr. Chandrashekhar Nopani said that the second unit of the group would produce 120 metric tonnes of polyester staple fibre by recycling PET.

President and Group CEO Updeep Singh said: “The backward integration will enhance resource traceability, a growing requirement in the global textiles sector. The initiative also addressed a growing trend of consumers to use garments utilising a proportion of recycled fibre, necessitating the upstream use of yarns utilising environment-friendly fibre. As a larger number of marquee garment brands, across the world, replace synthetic fibres with ‘greener’ alternatives, there is a wider traction for the company’s green fibre business.”

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