Pratibha Syntex lays foundation for world class greenfield project to manufacture 100% sustainable sportswear

Opening new avenues for sustainable textile business, Pratibha Syntex Ltd ventures into world class green field project Pratibha Swaraj Pvt Ltd.  To be developed on the principles of Industry 4.0, the project would redefine the paradigms of the garment industry of India.

Shreyaskar Chaudhary, MD Pratibha Syntex Ltd

The first phase of the unparalleled factory would come into operations by August 22. The factory will  manufacture 100% sustainable sportwear to cater to the international brands like Patagonia, Prana and Columbia Sports. 

We are investing in Ujjain as part of our commitment towards Make in India project. The investment is envisioned to ensure minimum environment impact and maximum social impact, said Shreyaskar Chaudhary, MD Pratibha Syntex Ltd.

This plant will give employment to 4000 people and 80% of the total workforce will be women. To promote women empowerment, there will be more and more women participation in the staff. Presently Pratibha is providing employment to 6500 people.

The greenfield plant is being developed adhering to sustainable development goals. The state-of-the -art infrastructure will have all the essential construction material as per the norms of Indian Green Building Council.  

Even after construction, environmental protection will be paramount; instead of chemical processes, emphasis will be given on natural processes. Manure will be made from food waste.

Sky lights will be installed to harness natural light. Electricity will be generated from roof top solar power plant installed at the factory.

To ensure lowest water footprint, biological Sewage Treatment Plant(STP) & Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) will be installed. This will recycle the water which later would be used in washing and other operations. 

Innovative Operations like In-Line washing and finishing systems will be outfitted to make efficient use of water. There will be minimum use of fresh water.

The factory will be incorporating cutting edge technology. It would be fully digitized with delivering real time analytics. Most of the processes in the factory like warehouse, inventory management, material movement and production would be automated.  

To make the production efficient & flawless, the factory will use lean management principles. These principles will lead to minimal wastage, reduced lead time, simpler distribution channels and overall performance optimisation. 

Sprawling in 15 acres of land, the plant would have a dense forest in one acres of land to offset carbon emission. A contract has been signed with an agency of Pune for the development of this green belt.  The factory will come into operations by end of 2023.

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