Jeanologia presents fastest laser technology at ITM 2022

Jeanologia, the Spanish company world leaders in developing eco-efficient technologies, will present the fastest laser on the market at ITM Exhibition 2022. (Hall 1 Booth 105B)

Pioneers in the development and application of advanced lasers for garment finishing, the company provides greater productivity to the textile industry with a better cost per garment, thanks to the perfect integration of its hardware and software.

During ITM, Jeanologia will show that its laser solutions are 40% faster than other laser technologies. Specifically, it will present its Compact Super range of laser solutions with which it achieves productivity of 2,000 garments at day, reducing operational costs and speeding up time-to-market guaranteeing a more competitive and sustainable industry.  

The Compact Super integrates the revolutionary software e-Mark X2 which increases the laser speed as well as allowing a more efficient energy management. The integration of hardware and software makes it possible to increase the marking speed while maintaining the same power, simplifying processes as well was allowing infinite design possibilities with great quality and authenticity. At the same time as avoiding second quality garments, achieving perfect reproducibility from the first to the last garment.

Adrián Baldó, Division Director EMEA at Jeanologia, highlighted how Jeanologia has led the way with its laser technology, creating a more sustainable, ethic and eco-efficient industry, “We have achieved the trust of the market because we have added value to our customers with the investment in R+D to develop the most advanced laser that ensure the best return on investment.

“Our mission is to digitally transform the industry and to do so we added our efforts to that of our customers, accompanying them in the implementation of our technologies to optimize their production”.

Compact Super Laser: The Power of Simplicity

At ITM Jeanologia will show its laser Compact Super, designed to obtain maximum production flexibility, precision and power with a compact design and high profitability.

Intended to take maximum advantage of space in production centers, creating a safe and comfortable working environment for its operators, this advanced laser range satisfies the needs of large productions with garment versatility, detailed and precise designs, while being easy to use.

During ITM, Jeanologia will also spotlight the integration of its disruptive technologies promoting a new operational model focused on sustainability and digitalization reducing times, costs and simplifying processes.

The company will show its commitment to the textile industry promoting sustainability and competitivity, turning it into a key piece in meeting MissionZero: Jeanologia’s challenge to eliminate the use of water and discharge completely from global jean production.

The integration of laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, Smart Boxes and H2Zero (the company’s first water recycling system creating productions that are 100% ecological), developed by Jeanologia make it possible to produce with zero discharge, stimulating productivity and efficiency in the textile industry for garment finishing.

Jeanologia in Türkiye

For 20 years Jeanologia has been active in Türkiye as a supplier of key solutions to make the Turkish textile industry more efficient and sustainable, promoting production techniques that increase productivity and reduce water, chemical and energy consumption.

World leaders in ozone technology, it has more than 15 years’ experience. To support the Turkish market, it opened a production center in Izmir for ozone technology in 2015, along with a center for demonstrating its technologies. Currently, there is a team of more than 20 specialist technicians and creatives that directly attend customers’ needs within the country.

More than 35% of the 5 billion jeans produced every year in the world are made using Jeanologia technologies and it is trusted by the biggest market brands.