Indo Count Industries Recognized as ‘Top Performer’ at Walmart’s Global Sourcing Sustainability Summit

Indo Count Industries Ltd., one of India’s largest home textile manufacturers announced that the company has been recognized as a ‘Top Performer’ supplier at Walmart’s Global Sourcing Sustainability Summit held on 15th July 2021.

Mr. Mohit Jain, Executive Vice-Chairman, Indo Count Industries Ltd

Walmart launched “Project Gigaton” in 2017 aiming to inspire suppliers to reduce upstream and downstream (beyond-the-shelf) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the global supply chain. Specifically, Project Gigaton’s goal is to reduce one billion metric tons, or one Gigaton, of CO2 emissions from the global supply chains by 2030.

Indo Count has contributed towards Project Gigaton since inception for reducing GHG emissions through various initiatives such as installation of solar plant, and reduction in freshwater consumption via water recycling plant. In additional to these sustainability initiatives, as an organization Indo count are also supporting Walmart’s commitments on sustainable fibers, recyclable/sustainable packaging, and implementation of HIGG index.

Indo Count will continue to strive to help achieve Walmart’s goal of being a Regenerative Company

Commenting on the illustrious achievement, Mr. Mohit Jain, Executive Vice-Chairman of Indo Count Industries Ltd. stated, “At Indo Count, sustainability is a part of our core culture and we have adopted it in every action and activity of our organization. Our strategic endeavors to drive business growth have always ensured reduced environmental footprint and positive social impact. We are honored to be associated with Walmart to take our common vision of sustainable initiatives forward.”

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