R|ELAN™ presents innovative collection from recycled PET

Held as an exclusive pre-launch initiative at the world class Jio World Convention Centre

David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore for their label Abraham and Thakore have always put sustainable practices in the forefront.

Their latest collection at the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week presented by R|Elan™ was all about the theme “Assemble, Disassemble and Reassemble” for a look created from recycled PET materials as a pre-launch initiative at the world class Jio World Convention Centre, in Mumbai’s commercial hub Bandra-Kurla Complex

Commenting on the collaboration with Abraham & Thakore for their collection, Mr. Gunjan Sharma, CMO – Polyester Business, Reliance Industries Ltd., said, “The eco-friendly collection by Abraham and Thakore magnificently combines sustainability and style, and it enhances key aspects of our fabric of the future – R | Elan. The collection showcases excellent efforts in different ways to create fashion using practices that are sustainable and mindful. Ensembles like these, drive us at Reliance to stretch the limits and bring out new technologies that are more sustainable and eco-friendly.” 

David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore said, “The process of the breaking down of PET materials to create textiles is a crucial step in the circular journey of responsible fashion production. The disassembling and reassembling of materials have inspired this collection. It takes a look at the traditional methods of recycling and up cycling of textiles that are a part of our common textile heritage.”

The designing duo ensured that craft techniques like patchwork, hand stitching and appliqués formed the perfect base of the ensembles. Assembled surfaces and graphic patterns were cleverly merged with prints and designs that brought a renewed visual delight to techniques of recycling.

Keeping the silhouettes relaxed and timeless, the designers showcased stylish, modern, ready-to-wear options that moved effortlessly from dawn to dusk. Tunics, pants, wrap skirts and dresses vied for attention with kimono inspired jackets, while cleverly constructed saris would be welcomed by the jet setting buyers.

Bringing the fast-paced show to an end was the very graceful and elegant Dia Mirza, who glided in, wearing a luxurious black abstract patchwork kaftan with stitch detailing and contrasting yoke and cuffs.

Turning waste into glamour, Abraham and Thakore added a capsule evening wear look that dazzled with sequins and was ingeniously dreamt up from sheets of discarded PET material.

When it came to the colour card, the designing pair selected the neutral classics like black and white, but added haute shades of burgundy, red, wine, coffee and olive. Some of the eye catchers were, the simple, black, wrap, long skirt that was ideal for Brunch when teamed with a basic but stylish blouse with minute detailing.

For something more Avant Garde, it was the belted calf length, formal, trench coat with wide lapels that looked stunning and when worn with simple parallels it made a great fashion statement.

When it came to lean silhouettes, it was the burgundy maxi with a contrasting wrap skirt that dazzled with bold abstract patterns. 

David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore’s recycled PET collection “Assemble, Disassemble and Reassemble” presented by R|Elan™ was a mindful, sustainable line that blended tradition with technology and New Age materials in a contemporary, stylish format.

As an exclusive pre-launch initiative, and as a precursor to global scale marquee events, the guests of the show got a sneak-preview and experience of theJio World Convention Centre (JWCC) in Mumbai’s commercial hub Bandra-Kurla Complex.  Jio World Convention Centre has been envisioned by Smt Nita Ambani, the founder and head of India’s largest corporate foundation and initiator of world class efforts in fields like education, healthcare, sports and the arts. The Jio World Convention Centre, offers India’s finest, largest convention and exhibition facilities and is aimed to put India firmly in the fast-growing global convention and exhibitions eco system and to be an enduring contribution to India and the city of Mumbai. JWCC is part of the much awaited mixed-use, one-of-its kind development – the Jio World Centre – which is set to become an iconic business, commerce and culture destination, making India and Indians proud. FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week gives a sneak- peak into JWCC before the full launch of the Jio World Centre later this year. The Centre is spread over 18.5 acres, is equipped with world class facilities, state-of-the-art technology and is purpose-built to host some of the world’s leading events and conventions. 

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