Beneks partners with the Gaurs to explore India textile market

Huseyin Birben, CEO, Beneks Fabric Dyeing & Finishing Machineries

Turkey-based Beneks Machinery is an established name in several parts of the globe when it comes to dyeing and fabric finishing machines. The company has recently announced a partnership with The Gaurs, which would be representing it in the Indian and Sri Lankan markets. Textile Magazine caught up with Huseyin Birben, CEO, Beneks Fabric Dyeing & Finishing Machineries and got to know from him the company’s history, its product range, growth strategy for the Indian market and partnership with The Gaurs, among others

Beneks, which currently operates its factory with a closed area of 4,000 sq. metres in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul is an engineering company with all its founding members being engineers. The company started its activities in 1988 and has continuously served in the textile sector, specialising in finishing and fabric preparation machines used in fabric dyehouses and has become an expert in the sector with its market share. The company, which included the fabric dyeing machinery group in its product range in 1998, has chosen a customer profile interested in high-quality results, rather than receiving a maximum market share in dyeing machines in line with its ‘competitive quality rather than price’ principle.

M.S. Gaur and Anubhav Gaur, The Gaurs

As Huseyin Birben, CEO, Beneks, puts it, ever since its establishment, the company has come to be trusted as a dependable machinery supplier among both domestic and international markets for complete dye house solutions. “Today, Beneks exports 75% of its production. It has become one of the world’s leading brands in its field as a company with 100% Turkish capital. With a large team of engineers, we continuously invest in research and development and innovation, not standing still in the changing world, and constantly direct the sector with the machines we produce,” he says.

The company’s solutions for the textile industry include EcoCompact HT fabric dyeing machine; Fularbanpre-dryer machines before stenter; Aprebanpre-dryer machines before stenter; Kurutmabanpre-dryer machines before dryer; free pre-dryer machines; collar squeezing machine; double-padded collar squeezing machine; rope opening, cutting andsqueezing machines (enzyme washing unit); balloon squeezing machine; wet reversing machine; fabric reversing machine; tumbler drying machine; edge sewing machine; tube cutting machine; printing dye kitchen and equipment; fabric preparation machine and laboratory; and sample washing machine.

Global Footprint

Beneks Fabric Dyeing & Finishing Machineriescurrently exports to 20 countries worldwide. Some of them are India, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. “In 2021, Beneks will invest additional efforts in the Indian, Bangladeshi and South American markets as these are showing great signs of revival after the pandemic. We expect continued success in these regions,” says Birben. As to what is the technology that gives its machines an edge over other similar machines in the market, Birben replies: “We make significant investments in research and development and innovation by blending human power with the advantages of technology. With the machines we have developed, we keep the water, energy and chemical usage rates at a minimum and produce more environment-friendly products. We are driven by our vision of designing and manufacturing machines for tomorrow.”

Indian Market Focus

Beneks has been in the Indian market for over five years now. According to Birben, India is a key market for the company and they are particularly focused on further improving its performance here in 2021. “During the period we have been here, we have ensured that many Indian companies know about our branded products. These five years have provided us with the opportunity to understand the market, carry out studies and to explain Beneks better, he says. Some of these Indian clients include Visvam Process, Dhanasree Bleachers, Aditya Textile, SS M Knit Finishers, Adinath Dyeing, Shri Sai Tex, Sri Lakshmi and Victus Dyeing.

Birben is now excited about the prospect of working together with The Gaurs, which already represents some of the globally renowned textile machinery manufacturers in the Indian market. “We have recently entered into an association with The Gaurs. We met them at the beginning of 2020 and shared with them that we would like to have a new formation in the Indian market. Subsequently, we signed an agency agreement with The Gaurs, which will help enhance the prospects of the Beneks brand in the Indian market. Our first impressions are that we have made the right decision in this matter. The Gaurs will also represent us in Sri Lankan market,” Birben informs.

Sharing details regarding the key factors that will drive the demand for Beneks Machinery’s products in the near future, Birben highlights the fact that the company produces productive and environment-friendly machines at economical prices, which is the global need of the hour.“As mentioned earlier, we are an innovative brand that follows technology and makes great investments in research and development. With each passing year, our turnover and product range is expanding. Beneks was bestowed with ‘Innovation Brand of the Year’ at 2019 Turkey Innovation and Achievement Awards ceremony. It shows everyone how Beneks is on the right track,” he states.

Service Factor

The company has a robust aftermarket service mechanism in place to serve the needs of the Indian market. Highlighting some of the key features of the initiatives taken so far, Birben elaborates: “After-sales, spare parts and services of our products are the most important differentiators of Beneks hat keeps it ahead of the competitors. Our expert technical team is easily accessible to our clients and dealers. Thanks to the special modem in our machines, we can also connect remotely with an internet connection and solve problems in a very short time. In addition, great importance is attached to the quality of the parts used in the machines.”

New Launches

Finally, spelling out the future plans of the company, Birben reveals, “Our top priority is to make the Beneks brand available in places where the textile industry is growing. We will continue to invest in research and development and innovation”. With respect to new launches in the future, he says, “Our HT ECO COMPACT model fabric dyeing machine, which we have been offering for many years and launched an improved version in the market in 2020, is one step ahead of our competitors by using minimum water, chemicals and energy. Similarly, research is going on in other areas as well and we will be releasing newer and latest versions of our machines in the near future.”

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