BSL to invest Rs. 150 crores in spinning and weaving capacity expansion

Mr. Shiv Prasad M. Nakate, District Collector & Magistrate, Bhilwara, (left), and Mr. Praveen Jain, Director Operations from BSL Ltd.

Bhilwara based leading textile company BSL LTD. has signed an MoU with the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Rajasthan. Under this MoU, the Company will invest over Rs. 150.00 crores to expand its manufacturing facilities in Bhilwara. This MoU would be implemented within 2 years and would generate employment for 800 people through the various projects.

BSL LTD. will install 29,184 cotton spindles, 9216 synthetic spindles and 50 new looms as part of its expansion plan under this MoU.

MoU was signed by Mr. Shiv Prasad M. Nakate, District Collector & Magistrate, Bhilwara on behalf of the State Government and Mr. Praveen Jain, Director Operations on behalf of BSL LTD. Company is promoted by Mr. Arun Kumar Churiwal, Chairman and Mr. Nivedan Churiwal, Managing Director. Mr. Nivedan Chuirwal commented that “We are confident that based on this Capex and expansion plans, the company will achieve our targeted sales of Rs. 750 crores in two years with a very healthy bottom line.”

BSL is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of Suiting’s and Furnishing fabrics and is now diversifying into cotton spinning.

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