DyeCoo and DuPont Biomaterials launch CO2 based dyeing process

DyeCoo, a Dutch company, specializing in the development of cleaner dyeing technologies has joined hands with DuPont Biomaterials to launch a patented dyeing process that can be used for fabrics made from a combination of Sorona® with polyester or recycled polyester.

The new dyeing process launched by DuPont Materials and DyeCoo together is sustainable, and delivers high performance with reduced environmental impact.

The dyeing process uses CO2 that is reclaimed from existing industrial processes and involves recycling 95% of it in a closed loop system. Using no water and chemicals, thus eliminating the need for wastewater treatment, the process can be undertaken in short batch cycles making it efficient in dye use. The process contributes to reduced operating costs and lowered ecological footprint making it attractive for mills, brands and consumers with its high sustainability quotient.

Micke Magnusson, Head – Commercial, DyeCoo Textile System B.V. says: “The collaboration highlights the sustainable offerings that can be delivered by two responsible entities with a positive impact on our industry. Cross-industrial collaborations are an important way to drive change in our industry and here our two core competencies strengthen each other.”

CO2 has a high solvent power when used in a pressurized super-critical state allowing for the dye to dissolve easily. Its high permeability facilitates transportation of the dyes deeply into fibres resulting in vibrant colours.

Hao Ding, Business Manager – DuPont Biomaterials, EMEA shares: “The unique CO2 dyeing process will make Sorona®-based fabrics even more sustainable. This is about offering a stretch solution with less impact on the environment while extending the life of the garment. Now apparel brands can benefit from such sustainable solutions without compromising performance and value. We are on a progressive journey to create innovative products that enhance performance while being environmentally responsible.”

Sorona® is made from 37% renewable plant-based ingredients. The polymer is soft and stretchable with great recovery, is inherently stain resistant without needing topical treatments. Owing to the unique dyeing process, the dye gets distributed evenly over the fabric to give top performance.

Sorona®, a bio-based fibre, is USDA certified and has received OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification.

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