Enhancing the lives of billions

HeiQ has, since its inception, strictly adhered to its guiding principle of enhancing the lives of billions through innovating sustainable technologies that serve both the planet and its population. The flourishing Indian market with its billion+ people is, by the very nature of these attributes, a country that enjoys a strong focus of the company’s efforts.

HeiQ (LSE: HEIQ) is a leader in textile innovation, having created some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile technologies in the world. Through improving textiles, HeiQ aims to enhance lives by adding hygiene, comfort, protection and sustainability to the products we use every day.

A trusted innovation partner for over 300 global brands including Speedo, Patagonia, Coats and Cornelia James, HeiQ has won multiple awards and is renowned for the sustainable downstream effect of its innovations. HeiQ has 14 offices, eight R&D hubs and a network that spans five continents that can cover everything from scientific research to materials manufacturing and consumer branding. For the past decade, HeiQ has collaborated with Intexso Biochem to bring its innovations to the Indian market and is a long-term innovation partner for Arvind Mills, Birla Century, Nahar, Trident, Vardhman and Welspun, to name a few.

Fabrics that cool and help you stay fresh

Staying one step ahead of the times is where HeiQ excels. Currently much of the world is facing the hottest summer in history, and regardless of global warming, Indians are certain to embrace cooling fabrics. Fabrics powered by HeiQ Cool, the world’s first dual action textile cooling technology, continuously regulate the skin temperature, cooling before the first sign of sweat and delaying the build-up of heat. Instantly cool to the touch, the components synergistically recharge ensuring a consistently cool, dry and comfortable body climate. HeiQ Smart Temp is more widely used on apparels and performance sportswear as it performs excellently with moisture, helping to lower the wearer’s temperature by pushing moisture away. Having been around for a decade and repeatedly approved by 50+ global brands, this technology is applied on hundreds of millions of garments.

Hot conditions also mean challenges to staying fresh and odour free for long durations. HeiQ’s odour control textile technologies include HeiQ Fresh which is a family of highly effective sustainable silver-free technologies with ingredients that are either bio-based or mineral-based. The latest addition to this range is the mint-based solution HeiQ Fresh MNT-01. HeiQ Pure provides antimicrobial odour control for improved comfort, hygiene and freshness.

The power of disruptive innovative technologies – Game changers galore!

Announced end of last year, HeiQ created HeiQ AeoniQ, the world’s first climate positive continuous cellulosic filament yarn. The mission to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of textile manufacturing is now being backed by global brands HUGO BOSS and The LYCRA Company. HeiQ AeoniQ yarn is designed for circularity and will reduce our dependence on oil-based fibres, help decarbonize our planet and reduce the impact of the industry on climate change. The production of HeiQ AeoniQ yarns uses 100% renewable energy, features a closed-loop recycling of more than 99.5% of productive factors, uses no toxic chemicals, and does not draw on arable land, pesticides or fertilizers for its feedstock.

Hand in hand with partners, from laboratory to consumers

As an innovation company, HeiQ understands that whatever is born in the laboratory needs to make its way to be used by consumers, which is how an innovation creates value to society. Therefore, HeiQ starts early to engage with mills and brands, providing support with not only technical application but also marketing and ingredient branding, to make sure that once the products are on the shelf or on an e-commerce page, their added values are appreciated by consumers. This way, the added value is captured by every member in the value chain.

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