Fresche – Adding unique value to global textile brands

“We see a definite shift away from toxic leaching antimicrobials, as educated consumers consciously choose human-friendly, green antimicrobials.”

  • Graeme Pope, CEO, Fresche Bioscience

Founded in 2010, Fresche Bioscience is an Australian company and world leader in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of advanced, high-performance, and very environmentally safe antimicrobials.

Fresche Bioscience is a leading international solutions provider engaged in the research, technical development, marketing and distribution of advanced molecular compounds relating to microbial control and surface protection, textile thermal transfer, and moisture management coatings. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Fresche Bioscience is an acknowledged world leader in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of advanced antimicrobials that permanently bond to fabrics and surfaces with a bond that is exceptionally durable and delivers long-lasting protection against microbial growth.

Fresche has an extensive global network of strategic collaboration partners serving clients in 28 markets around the world. This highly dynamic network covers the 12 key markets in Europe, North America, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Fresche Bioscience provides unique technologies and application support to global corporations and partners engaged in the manufacture of a wide range of microbial protection solutions in key segments that include textiles (all types from apparel, to bedding and furnishing, to flooring and footwear), food and beverage products, air and water treatment, transport, hospitality, environment safety, and personal care.

In an interesting and enlightening conversation with Graeme Pope, CEO of Fresche Bioscience, he shares his observations of the post-COVID period. “We see a definite trend of forward-thinking textile manufacturers navigating away from toxic-leaching antimicrobials as educated consumers consciously choose human-friendly, green antimicrobials, which biodegrade to form natural elements in the environment. The core active ingredient in Fresche solutions is derived from sustainable natural coconut oil. There is also clear focus to offer products that do not harm the environment. Fresche antimicrobials break down to form natural elements which are beneficial and pose no threat to our ecosystem.”

Mr. Pope continues, “Fresche Bioscience is BPR listed in Europe—our hospital-grade formulations are Australian TGA listed, our active ingredient is EPA registered, products are Oekotex-certified (safe for skin contact), and among other things, we are also members of the Australian Infection Control Association.”

In world markets, the future belongs to companies who innovate and create new value-adding features that respond sharply to market needs and ignite the interest of end customers. The rapid acceptance of Fresche technologies by global brands has confirmed that progressive companies are actively looking for human safe, sustainable “green” technologies in particular, those which protect human environments and do not harm the environment.

Most innovative textile manufacturers appear quick to seize the Fresche opportunity to create new value for their customers by offering what is perhaps the world’s first human safe, non-leaching, sustainable truly green antimicrobial. This proactive approach adds great value to customers who need a competitive point of difference in highly competitive markets. This approach also helps customers add new value to their business, helping them to become leaders in their own respective markets, in terms of technology, brand, and market share.

Fresche has emerged a trusted partner to leading global brands in the development and production of everyday apparel, denim wear, active sports, leisurewear, undergarments, socks, footwear, bed linen and blankets, bathroom towels, washers, mats, home furnishings, soft toys, and industrial textiles such as ticking, non-woven textiles, and a variety of industrial textile formats. The brand has proven its mettle in controlling and removing the threat of bacteria on nearly all points of everyday human touch.
During our conversation, Mr. Pope also goes on to highlight the fact that Fresche has unprecedented potential to become the preferred technology for brands and corporations in India looking for meaningful ways by which to reduce their chemical footprint and upgrade their corporate credentials as responsible corporate citizens.

So, what really sets us apart as leaders in the antimicrobial treatments R&D arena? Graeme Pope responds that it is very easy to be confused by the multitude of claims made by other manufacturers, particularly during the current chaos of the pandemic, where everybody is scrambling for quick answers to the obvious questions such as what can be done to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, how can it be done quickly, and if it is affordable to everybody.”

“To start with, there is a worldwide ground shift from leading toxic chemicals to safe, bio-based, high-performance human-safe and eco friendlily antimicrobials. Companies who fail to consider this exciting advanced technology will miss a unique opportunity for their company to enjoy a clear point of competitive marketing difference and new competitive advantage in what is a highly competitive world market.”

“While there are many respected companies and brands, there are also companies who make extraordinary ambit claims with minimal supporting evidence to an international standard or regulatory test protocol.” Mr. Pope adds.

Training its focus on the Indian market, Fresche Bioscience entered into a strategic alliance with an Indian company, Guardian Health Management, and forayed into India in 2011. This collaboration now relies on the distribution and logistical capabilities of Guardian Health’s well-oiled network of distribution partners to bring Fresche fabric treatment technology to the Indian textile industry—specifically to leading global brands. Fresche Bioscience has been ticking all the right boxes in terms of what it brings to the fabric treatment solutions marketplace, and partnering with Guardian Health certainly cements their position among the market leaders in this space. In India, Guardian Health works closely with leading textile brands such as Derby, Kinsey Knitt International, KG Denim, Cotton Concepts, Taylor & Circus, Sugan Uniforms, Lakshmi Mills, Armour Shirts, and United Bleachers.

In India, Fresche offers manufacturers of tactical textiles a unique opportunity to attract new customers away from their competitors—specifically those who currently use chemically hazardous and toxic compounds. This strategy positions you as a leading textile innovation company, offering prospective clients a clear point of competitive difference. Global brands in apparel and other textiles are actively seeking Indian manufacturing partners who can offer and deliver new value, new competitive product differentiation and reinforcement of brand values built on human-friendly technologies validated for their ability to support environmental sustainability.

Apart from its most obvious design for the textile industry, Fresche has become the leading choice of many manufacturers of people-protective and surface protection solutions. Many leading healthcare companies and brands such as Coal India Hospitals, KMCH Hospital, Motherhood, Royal Care Super Specialty Hospital, Kovai Heart Foundation, have embraced Fresche. Among government users, corporations, such as Chennai Corporation, the traditional textile belt in the domain of the Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode Corporation, and the Southern Railways rely on the proven surface treatment expertise of Fresche to protect their surfaces against the very real threat of virus and bacterial contaminations.

Commenting on the manufacturing and R&D infrastructure of Fresche, Mr. Pope explains, “Fresche Bioscience has its own comprehensive development laboratory—including pad bath, tenter, ovens, refrigerators, industrial 12-station washing equipment (durability testing), production retains library, test report library, colour test boxes, BPB testing benches and more. Our company invests 20% of our earnings before interest and tax to technical development and trial of technical research and developments, besides our collaboration with two leading international universities.”

Speaking about the competitive edge that the Fresche-Guardian alliance brings to the table, Mr. Pope goes on to comment that when Europe as a global market first implemented the Biocidal Products Regulatory (BPR) in 2017, it was estimated that around 40% of toxin-leaching antimicrobial products were blocked from activity in the European market. In fact, it was discovered that many companies were even making inflated performance and safety claims, which in reality could not be backed up with evidence. As if acting on cue, global standards regulatory bodies are today closely scrutinizing many misleading claims being made by companies, particularly the ones seeking to take unfair advantage of the current pandemic situation. To fix this, heavy fines and penalties are being imposed, and many such misrepresented products are being summarily withdrawn from international markets.

Fresche Bioscience follows the most stringent quality and compliance processes possible, to ensure that its antimicrobial solutions applied to or infused into in textiles and surface substrates easily comply with global safety and regulatory standards. It is therefore not a matter of surprise that around 50 global brands have consciously adopted Fresche technology and co-brand Fresche with their own brand—an emphatic testament to the integrity of the Fresche brand.

Getting down to the science behind our story, what really sets Fresche apart? There are many factors, but the key ones to note are these. To begin with, the core essential active ingredient is bio-based, sourced from Nature—meaning, it is both sustainable renewable, and performs exceptionally well on natural and synthetic fibers. The antimicrobial element is easy and inexpensive to apply using a pad bath, spray, or exhaust applicators. It does not leach into washing water, and controls odour and microbes for up to as many as 100 washes. Most importantly, Fresche antimicrobial is free from toxins, poisons, and carcinogens, heavy metals (especially Silver Ag) and human growth disruptors. Fresche has earned its environmental credentials, and simply disintegrates to form harmless natural compounds.

Customized Solution in post-COVID New Normal

Fresche offers a packaged program of hospital grade disinfectants which have been found to be highly effective in deactivating the Covid-19 virus.
Pope shares: “In one of the University-conducted tests, the Covid-19 virus was deactivated in under 60 seconds and continued to deliver high microbial efficacy for up to 30 days on light touch surfaces. Today, Fresche Hospital Grade surface disinfectant and protectant is the only surface bonding antimicrobial which offers a validated long-term durability claim.”

Fresche Bioscience is emphatic in its commitment to sustainable development, deploying state-of-the-art R&D capabilities to arrive at innovative solutions which can help meet the biological safety needs of a socially conscious population, whilst optimizing the consumption of resources. We take a pragmatic stance in implementing reasonable steps to avoid inflicting damage to human health and the environment, during the course of production and application.

Exceptional care is taken at all times to ensure that Fresche antimicrobials are safe, non-toxic, harmless, and completely safe for use around people and the biosphere around us, especially plants and animals. Even during the process of discharging treated antimicrobial surfaces, we make every effort to confirm that there is no mis-opportunity of harmful chemicals leaching, which could potentially contaminate waterways and other delicate ecological processes.

Despite the need to compete in an industry where the marketing of volatile chemical and heavy metal laden antimicrobials that leach and harm the environment, Fresche antimicrobial solutions are preferred specifically for their environmental performance and recognized as one of the most environmentally-friendly, lasting, high-performance surface-bonded antimicrobials currently available anywhere in the world.

As the world remains largely speculative about the way forward into the post-COVID era, we can forge ahead to ensure business as usual with complete confidence that as long as there is the possibility of lingering bacterial occurrences, the world can safely rely on proven antimicrobial technologies and products to mitigate the impact and avert what could potentially escalate into a biological catastrophe. The time for hesitation is gone, and one cannot help but make educated choices in adapting ways and means to protect oneself, and to survive and succeed in an unprecedented atmosphere of “bacterial uncertainty.”

Fresche antimicrobial applications are designed for your personal, institutional, and environmental safety now and from here on. We will continue to invest in keeping abreast with these highly volatile times and provide the proven expertise that you can rely on, when it comes to winning the war against potential unseen enemies. Game-changing antibacterial and antimicrobial products are here to stay, and will remain integral to daily life for the foreseeable future.

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