Gradiant Corporation secures 12 new water treatment projects across Asia Pacific

Consider this – it takes about 150 liters of water to make one kilogram of textile material. This astounding fact also shines light on another crucial fact that the resulting waste water is laden with dyes and chemicals that requires advanced treatment methods to make it either safe for the environment or for further reuse.

Prakash Govindan, COO & Co-Founder, Gradiant India

Globally known for its innovative solutions in desalination and treatment of industrial waste water, Gradiant Corporation works across industries including textiles. The organization’s recent announcement of having secured 12 new difficult-to-treat projects across Asia Pacific has given it the status of ‘emerging leader’ in innovative water treatment solutions.

Prakash Govindan, COO & Co-Founder, Gradiant India says: “This is a shot in the arm for Gradiant which reflects an exciting growth phase for us in Asia. This win also echoes our commitment to serve our discerning customers increasingly better.”

With 12 new projects under its belt, Gradiant is look at a rapid year-on-year growth in the region’s US$ 5 bn water market, as per a study by Global Water Intelligence (GWI). The challenging projects across the industries will require Gradiant’s innovative solutions, including Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) application, in treating highly contaminating industrial effluent for reuse. The projects will be delivered under Build-Own-Operate model.

Gradiant Corporation feels that textile manufacturers are progressively adopting desalination and evaporation technologies to remove contaminants to achieve ZLD. As an alternative to the expensive evaporation method, Gradiant offers an economical and more efficient method, the CGE system which is a humidification technology, to treat complex waste streams.

Growing demand in Asia Pacific region for water filtration technologies and desalination has Gradiant consolidating its membrane-based innovations into an integrated technology suite called RO Infinity (ROi). Solutions under Roi combine their patented Counterflow Reverse Osmosis (CFRO) process with innovative Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Forward Osmosis (FO) techniques. The ROi solution suite successfully overcomes the limitations of traditional desalination methods and opens up an incremental addressable market of US$ 500 m for Gradiant in this region.

Rick Stover, VP – Technology, Gradiant shares: “We are excited to launch the ROi suite. The combination of product R&D advances with best available technologies coupled with our innovation heritage enables Gradiant to tackle some of the world’s toughest waste water treatment challenges.”

Govindan shares: “The ROi establishes a new standard for complex water treatment, delivering cleaner water, reduced waste, optimal energy efficiency with guaranteed reliability.”

The innovative solutions offered by Gradiant are in line with the theme of sustainability as announced at the recently concluded 36th ASEAN Summit. Sustainability is being recognized as the key to long-term growth. It is also now one of the core components of economic recovery plans in post-COVID times.

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