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ITMA 2023 Exhibition Sector Plan Unveiled

On the back of strong response from textile machinery manufacturers, ITMA Services – organiser of ITMA 2023 – has unveiled the sector plan for the exhibition. Taking up almost 200,000 square metres of the Fiera Milano Rho venue, the plan spans 12 halls on the ground level. 

The sector plan features all 20 chapters of the Index of Products, ranging from spinning to finishing, software, logistics, and fibres, yarns and fabrics. The two biggest sectors, finishing and spinning, anchor both ends of the exhibition.

To-date, ITMA 2023 has attracted 1,444 applicants from 42 countries who have booked over 114,230 square metres of net space.  The new Start-Up Valley has also garnered keen interest. The closing date for application for start-ups is 30 June. 
Ms Sylvia Phua, Project Director of ITMA 2023, said: “As 97% of the show has been booked, we would like to urge those who have not applied to exhibit to do so immediately as only limited space is available.

“ITMA is the most established and comprehensive showcase of textile and garment technologies and solutions. As many exhibitions had been cancelled in the last two years, exhibitors are eager to showcase their latest innovation, especially those in the sustainability and circularity space, to a global audience in-person.”

ITMA 2023 will be held at Fiera Milano Rho, Milan, from 8 to 14 June 2023. More information can be found on For participation enquiries, please email:

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