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Monforts says goodbye to Klaus Heinrichs

After almost 30 years with the company, Monforts Vice-President Klaus Heinrichs is to retire at the end of May.

A very well-known and respected figure in the industry, Klaus began working in marketing for the company in 1992.

Klaus Heinrichs

“From the very beginning until today Klaus used his great flair and networking skills to secure and improve the company’s international presence and public relations, especially at seven successive ITMA textile machinery exhibitions, beginning with the show in Milan in 1995,” said Monforts Marketing Manager Nicole Croonenbroek.  “Later, he also took care of customer service, sales administration and exports in his uniquely calm and quietly-spoken style.”

“He has always been a guarantor of successful product launches for Monforts technical and technological highlights such as the TwinAir principle of independent airflow regulation, the Hercules LTM stenter chain, the Econtrol® dyeing technology or the Montex®Coat device – to mention only a few.”

Klaus has also been active on the VDMA’s Exhibition and Marketing Committee since 1993, which he chaired from 2005 to 2008. 

“Klaus always enriched the industry discussions with practical and future-oriented proposals and thus also advanced ITMA,” said Thomas Waldmann, Managing Director of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association. “We sincerely thank him and wish him all the best for this new chapter of his life.” “We will miss Klaus as a colleague and as a manager because of his skills, character and his engagement,” added Monforts Managing Director Stefan Flöth. “He truly represents the Monforts commitment to our customers to be helpful, accurate, fast and reliable, and we keep him as a friend. I’m sure the many friends he made throughout the world during his career with the company will join us in wishing him all the best for his next phase of life together with his family.*

* Econtrol is a registered trademark of Dystar Colours Distribution GmbH.

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