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TENCEL™ Celebrates 30 years of Sustainable Fiber Innovation

Lenzing’s flagship textile brand, TENCEL™, is celebrating three decades of sustainable fiber innovation this year. Since 1992, the TENCEL™ brand has empowered companies across the textile value chain to adopt more eco-friendly practices.

“Since its launch 30 years ago, TENCEL™ has always been envisioned as a solution provider for the textile industry,” said Robert van de Kerkhof, Member of the Managing Board at Lenzing. “Aligning with the industrywide shift towards deeper levels of sustainability and transparency, in 2018, the brand evolved from a behind-the-scenes contributor to a front-facing player. From then on, TENCEL™ expanded its offerings from fiber creations to pioneering digital technologies. To date, the TENCEL™ brand has exceed expectations across the industry as ‘the trusted provider’ of high-quality sustainable fibers among leading global fashion and home textile brands. We are thrilled to reach this milestone and are looking forward to driving continuous innovation and building stronger partnerships over the next 30 years and beyond.”

Digital technologies enabling supply chain transparency

Since 2018, TENCEL™ has redefined itself as a consumer-facing ingredient brand. This success is reflected in the collaboration between TENCEL™ and more than 300 brand partners globally in various consumer-centric campaigns. The 2021 launch of TENCEL™ eShop, the first ever e-commerce channel created by a sustainable fiber producer, is a testament to TENCEL™’s strong relationships with its brand partners and its commitment towards encouraging consumers to make informed purchases.

As part of the “digital first” strategy of the TENCEL™ brand, TENCEL™ invested heavily in proprietary technologies to reduce environmental impact during textile production and developed platforms to support stakeholders’ sustainability momentum. From the introduction of fiber identification technology to fabric certification and licensing services offered via the Lenzing E-Branding Service platform, the TENCEL™ brand has been a driving force towards full-scale supply chain transparency.

The achievements of the TENCEL™ brand thus far can be largely accredited to the ongoing trust, confidence and support of its supply chain partners, without whom, this milestone would not have been possible. Looking ahead, cross-sector collaboration between mills, fabric makers, brands and non-governmental organizations, will remain a key priority for TENCEL™ and help to further enable supply chain transparency and digitalization of the textile industry.

“With its circularity and solution for low carbon emissions, TENCEL™ is the answer to an eco-strategy in fashion,” said Adriano Goldschmied, Genious Group President and Founder. “I was first introduced to the TENCEL™ brand about 30 years ago, when I was looking to give denim a more feminine and friendly style. I was so impressed by TENCEL™ that I designed a complete collection, which revolutionized the textile and denim industry. In an era where comfort and sustainability are ‘must-haves’, TENCEL™ branded fibers are essential.”

“Our partnership with the TENCEL™ brand began more than 20 years ago,” said Mr. Durai Palanisamy, Executive Director at Pallavaa Group. “TENCEL™ branded fibers are produced more efficiently with the most sustainable process and the least amount of ecological footprint. Since our focus is to promote sustainable yarns and fabrics, this collaboration is a perfect alignment, meeting our sustainability goals and those of our customers.”

Forging the way to a carbon-zero textile industry

In addition to driving supply chain transparency, the TENCEL™ brand is also committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. In 2020, the industry’s first carbon-zero TENCEL™ branded fibers were launched, and the carbon zero offering was quickly extended to fibers with REFIBRA™ technology in 2021. Anticipating the rising demand from consumer brands for specialty fibers, Lenzing has been strengthening its production capabilities with an ambitious growth plan. Such growth will be fueled by the opening of the world’s largest lyocell production facility in Thailand in early-2022.  

“In 2022, we will continue to focus on producing carbon-zero innovations that make a difference to the textile and fashion industries,” said Florian Heubrandner, Vice President Global Textiles Business at Lenzing. “The next decade will see more sustainability-driven innovations unveiled to actualize our 2050 vision. We are grateful to have worked alongside our partners and colleagues over the last 30 years and we look forward to greater success in the next 30!”

“In celebration of our 30-year milestone, the TENCEL™ brand will be commencing a series of brand, employee, and consumer activations globally to further advocate for change as part of the ‘Feel Good Fibers Since 1992’ campaign,” said Harold Weghorst, Global Vice President of Marketing & Branding at Lenzing. “We would not be able to accomplish these initiatives without the support and goodwill of our partners, to whom we are truly thankful. Moving forward, we will continue to empower brand partners and consumers on their journey to sustainability with our ongoing initiatives, like the #MakeItFeelRight Digital Campaign and TENCEL™ X Partner Campaign.”

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