Indian Textile Industry leaders learn about U.S. Cotton at Seminar

“U.S. Cotton and the Golden Triangle of Profitability” seminars in Coimbatore, Ludhiana, and Mumbai, India, sponsored by Cotton Council International (CCI), showcased how usage of U.S. cotton improves mill performance.

More than 185 mills, brands/retailers and U.S. cotton merchants attended the invitation-only seminars from June 20-24. The textile mills that attended the events consumed more than 7.5 million bales of cotton in 2021.

Experts from the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS team presented: (1) a guide on how to spin finer yarn counts using U.S. Upland cotton, (2) a recent study on dye take-up of U.S. cotton compared to cotton from other regions and (3) a demonstration on preventative clearance for staple yarns.

Representatives from ACSA and AMCOT presented global and U.S. cotton outlooks and discussed the U.S. cotton transportation situation due to ongoing global logistics disruptions. The seminars concluded with a panel discussion on “COTTON – Now and Beyond” where the audience learned more about the current Indian cotton situation and what the future holds for the country’s textile industry.

One textile mill joined the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® and 23 companies expressed interest in scheduling a consultation with a COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ mill expert after attending the seminars.

In surveys following the events, 96% of the participants were satisfied with the seminars and 98% were likely to recommend future COTTON USA events to their colleagues. Meanwhile, 94% are likely to purchase U.S. cotton in the next year as a result of attending, and expected future purchases are 113,000 bales of U.S. cotton.