Reliance launches Recron EcoGold with CiCLO fibre technology

Unveils HEXAREL Fibrefill – Graphene-enhanced new age smart fibre

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), India’s largest company has launched Recron Fibrefill EcoGold with CiCLO – a new fibre technology having a unique chemistry that enables activation of biomimetic biodegradation process – at the Heimtextil exhibition in Frankfurt.

Mr U.P. Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Textile (in red tie) is seen with RIL, SRTEPC, TEXPROCIL and Invest India officials at the RIL booth at Heimtextil Frankfurt Exhibition

It is important that ever-increasing demand for environment friendly products from eco-conscious consumers have enforced home fashion brands and fashion houses to seek a unique chemistry that can provide a biological solution to environment related issues.

Recron EcoGold with CiCLO is designed to reduce persistence of textile waste in landfills and other related conditions. It is the solution to the environmental crisis due to textile waste accumulation.

Today, one of the major challenges faced by the environment is the accumulation of textile waste. In the fashion, furnishing industry, a majority of post-consumer textile waste, weighing millions of tons, end up in landfills.

These waste textiles can take up to 400+ years to decompose. In such a scenario, it is extremely important to be aware and take responsibility to come up with new path breaking solutions that can ensure reduction of textile waste in landfills.

The Recron EcoGold with CICLO is the solution to the above problem. It is an innovative effort of Reliance that will help reduce the impact of unrecycled textiles on the environment.

This technology enables microbes living in the environment to break down the materials and convert them into basic elements like carbon dioxide, water, minerals etc. just like they break down natural fibres. The chemistry used to make the product is proven to be safe for use in sustainable textiles by OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT, an independent certification system

Meanwhile, Reliance has also unveiled HEXAREL Fibrefill – A Graphene-enhanced new age smart bedding, pillows and extreme fibre at Heimtextil. With its inherent properties cold weather clothing system like heat retention, odour (ECWCS) control, anti-static etc., HEXAREL fibrefill has a multitude of product applications such as sleeping bags, thermal jackets, comforters & quilts, household thermal insulation in higher altitude region.