Lenzing introduces TENCEL Modal fibre with Indigo Color technology

Lenzing, in a bid to enhance sustainability in the denim industry has introduced TENCEL™ modal fibre with Indigo Color technology. The process uses one-step spun-dyeing to pump indigo pigment directly into the TENCEL™ Modal fibres. For this, it has been awarded with the EU Ecolabel for its efforts in achieving high environmental standards throughout their life cycle.

This technology promises superior colour fastness in comparison to conventional indigo dyeing.

Enhancing Denim Sustainability

Like any other sector in the textile industry, denim too has been seeking eco-responsible alternatives for greater sustainability factor. Lenzing has been working closely to reduce environmentally-harmful production processes using raw materials that are green in nature and by opting for responsible production processes. Produced in Austria, predominantly from beech wood derived from sustainably managed wood sources, this new offering has been designated BioPreferred® by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

This not only reiterates that denim remains an important market for Lenzing, and the introduction of TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology is designed to help reduce the ecological footprint of denim fabrics and garments.

Florian Heubrandner – Vice President, Global Textiles Business, Lenzing AG shares: “Innovation is at the core of what we do, from sustainable fibre sourcing through industry leading features and production processes, while continuously working for safeguarding our environment. By upending traditional manufacturing processes and implementing our pioneering technology along with renewable and eco-responsible materials, TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology sets a new benchmark for indigo application and sustainability in the denim industry.”

Among early launch collaborators for TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology is Adriano Goldschmied, founder of ‘House of Gold’, who says: “The TENCEL™ brand is leading revolutionary change for the denim industry and it has always been one of my go-to eco-fibres for my collections. We are thrilled to collaborate and launch the ‘Seed of Joy’ concept capsule with woven, circular and sweater knit fabrics using TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology, in partnership with mills such as Blue Diamond and In The Loop, as well as machinery producer Shima Seiki.”

Reducing Waste Significantly

Compared to conventional indigo dyeing, the colour retention of TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology is superior through dry and wet crocking and rubbing. Despite resistance to home-laundry fading, wash-down effects for denim products can be achieved using commercial laundry techniques.

Compared to water and energy intensive conventional indigo dyeing, this technology provides indigo coloration with substantial water, chemical and electricity savings, along with less wastewater produced, and no heat energy used. In addition, a specially commissioned indigo pigment from dyestuff manufacturer DyStar®, ensures that TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology can be certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, guaranteeing ultra-low levels of aniline.

Günther Widler – Head, Technology, Denim of DyStar® says: “This specially commissioned indigo pigment is based on more than a decade of our working experiences on Indigo Synthesis in Germany. About 25 years ago, we invented the most eco awarded DyStar® Indigo Vat 40% to meet the demand for sustainable manufacturing and production.”

To make the commercial launch of TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology possible, Lenzing has partnered with leading supply chain partners including denim mills – Candiani and Cone Denim.

Alberto Candiani – Global Manager, Candiani acknowledges: “Sustainability is at our core. TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color Technology represents a great product to expand denim’s performance and aesthetics around sustainability itself.”

Steve Maggard – President, Cone Denim adds: “Lenzing has long been an industry leader in sustainable fibres. With consumers being more eco-conscious, the denim industry has to evolve and innovate in smarter materials to stay efficient and competitive. We are proud to partner with the TENCEL™ brand to launch Indigo Color technology for modal fibres and promote greater sustainability for denim.”

TENCEL™ Modal fibres with Indigo Color technology are inherently versatile and enable implementation in a range of multi-fibre blends.

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