Huntsman and Sciessent partner to offer long-lasting solution against microbes and odour

The latest solution born from the partnership between Huntsman Textile Effects and Sciessent ensures that globally textile mills and brands now can offer clothes, apparel and home textiles that have longer protective layer against microbes and odour. As per the understanding, Huntsman Textile Effects will be the exclusive distribution partner of Sciessent’s Agion® Antimicrobial, Lava XL® anti-odour solution and dual-action Active XL®.

Rohit Aggarwal – President, Huntsman Textile Effects says: “Both Huntsman Textile Effects and Sciessent are committed to innovation, environmental sustainability and customer service. Our joint goal is to offer the highest level of protection for textiles so that they stay fresher for longer. Huntsman Textile Effects now has one of the industry’s most complete end-to-end systems for high-performance protection effects, with a full range of innovative and sustainable protection and comfort technologies from pre-treatment to coloration and finishing.”

Paul C. Ford – CEO, Sciessent shares: “Our presence in the global textile and apparel market has been rapidly expanding based on the strength of our solution set and reputation for delivering an exceptional customer experience. Through this partnership, we are both extending our reach to manufacturers and enhancing our offerings by coupling them with Huntsman Textile Effects’ broad range of innovative and sustainable protection technologies.”

Product Bouquet

The Sciessent solutions are easily integrated into the finishing process and can be combined with a range of other finishes, including Huntsman Textile Effects’ durable water repellents and comfort systems to cost-effectively produce high-performance textile products that are safe and sustainable.

Sciessent Agion® Antimicrobial is the industry-leading antimicrobial solution. Long lasting textile protection is ensured due to its smart-release technology by releasing its active antimicrobial agents only when needed. It can be built-in or applied via padding, exhaust or package yarn to any textile alongside other functional finishes, dyes, inks and pre-treatments. Durable up to 100 home washes, Agion® is also customizable to meet brands’ performance and cost goals. Agion® Antimicrobial has been used on FDA-approved medical devices.

Sciessent Lava XL® is a next-generation non-bioactive odour-control solution, ideal for sportwear and athleisure wear. While other odour-control technologies capture odours and release them during laundering, Lava XL®’s triple-action technology utilizes zeolite minerals with a large surface area to capture, absorb and degrade odours as they pass through the fabric.

Sciessent Agion Active XL® combines the advanced dual technologies of Agion® Antimicrobial and Lava XL® to deliver exceptional odour protection. The antimicrobial fights odour-causing bacteria on the garment, while the odour-control solution captures odour generated by sweat on the skin. The result is that garments smell fresher for longer periods and sustain a high level of performance for more wears.

Championing Eco-responsibility

Both Huntsman Textile Effects and Sciessent champion environmentally responsible products that help the global textile industry meet its regulatory obligations and the expectations of the most exacting brands and consumers. The Agion®, Lava XL® and Active XL® products are all bluesign® approved and are listed on the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Foundation ZDHC Gateway, complying with ZDHC Level 3 requirements.

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