More sustainable denim with Lee x H&M collaboration

Now, a higher degree of sustainability is a reality in Lee denim thanks to H&M’s collaboration. The positive change will be visible at every stage of design and production – from H&M’s first ever 100% recycled cotton jeans to back patches made from cork and jacron paper.

In a first, H&M will also share Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data on its official website indicating the water, C02 and energy impact of each denim garment from raw materials till the end of use.

Chris Waldeck – EVP, Global Brand President, Lee® adds: “Lee is proud to be collaborating with H&M to continue our efforts to make better denim. Our brand was founded more than 130 years ago with innovation in mind, and today we are happy to be joining with H&M to advance denim into a more sustainable future.”

Jon Loman – Designer, H&M shares: “This is a change towards more sustainable and circular denim garments.”

Lee x H&M is an ambitious collaboration that has sustainability central to its design. H&M’s 100% recycled cotton jeans comprises 80% post-industrial waste and 20% post-consumer waste. Also, there is denim that is cotton-free, made from renewable man-made fibres, as well water-saving dyes that have lower impact denim washes which are 3rd party verified for their lower water usage, chemical, and energy consumption.                   

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