Polygiene to treat M & S kitchen towels

Globally known for its odour control technologies, Polygiene will now treat Marks & Spencer (M & S) kitchen towels. The understanding will come into effect starting October 2020 and is part of M & S’s globally distributed core program. The segment forecast is pegged at an order value of US $ 75000 a year.

Ulrika Björk, CEO – Polygiene says: “We see this as an exciting start of a partnership with the renowned brand and hope to see growth in their home textile area as well as in other categories going forward. Changed consumer behavior due to the pandemic, with both increased e-commerce as well as more interest in home products, could give an extra push for these kinds of products. Additionally, an antimicrobial treatment in home textiles will keep them fresh for long and make them last longer as well.”

She continues: “As the world leader in ‘stays fresh’ and odour control technologies, we want to change the way we view clothes – from fast consumables to durables. We treat clothes, home products and textiles to help people stay fresh, wash less and let clothes and products live longer.”

Officials say that over 140 global premium brands have ‘chosen to use’ Polygiene with their products.

The program is active at M & S India too although the order value is yet to grow. The understanding is that the strategy is part of a bigger international program of treated products.


“The start of an exciting partnership between Polygiene and M & S to change how clothes are viewed – from being fast consumables to durables.”

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