Klopman – Formal Entry into The UN Global Compact Agreement

The European giant in technical fabrics, Klopman, has formally entered the UN Global Compact Agreement. Klopman has traditionally worked towards sustainability in its work processes. The company has officially recorded 40% less waste production.

The Agreement binds its partners to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were agreed upon by the UNGA in 2015.

Amaury Sartorius, MD – Klopman shares: “Signing the United Nations Global Compact agreement and our adoption of the carbon footprint measurement together demonstrate the direction our company is taking to not only to produce economic results but also to be socially responsible towards improving the lives of communities.”

Klopman has published the 5th edition of its Sustainability Report and has officially adopted the carbon footprint calculation to measure the impact of its activities in terms of carbondioxide. This is in complete orientation with the latest 2019-2020 sustainability report where Klopman has achieved goals such as annual decrease of over 4000 tons in CO2 emissions, a 25% increase in fabrics produced with sustainable raw materials, a 40% reduction in waste production as compared to the previous year and use of recycled polyester in production of the range of green fabrics which has the equivalent reuse of more than 8 million plastic bottles. These green fabrics have obtained the Made in Green certification by OEKO-TEX® which guarantees that the products have been made with harmless materials in factories that adopt environmental-friendly processes and which are safe for the personnel to work in.

Sartorius continues: “The publication of the sustainability report is a milestone achieved by Klopman as it concretely communicates to our stakeholders the attention to social responsibility that has now become an integral part of our way of doing business and a fundamental element of our distinction in the market.”

During the COVID pandemic, Klopman has responded to the needs of the community by producing reusable masks that can be used up to 70 times. Not only is Klopman dedicated towards working for the local economy, but is committed to sustainable operations. It has taken on more than 300 new local suppliers and 8% of its investments have been made for the health and safety of its workforce.


“Achieving an annual lowering of over 4000 tons in CO2 emissions, a 25% increase in fabrics produced with sustainable raw materials, a 40% reduction in waste production as compared to the previous year reiterates Klopman’s social responsibility.”

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