Dollar Industries’ Green Mission Initiative – 4 MW solar power plant at Tirupur facility

The Green Mission initiative of Dollar Industries received a boost in the arm with the commissioning of a 4 MW solar power plant at the company’s manufacturing facility in Tirupur, recently. The popular Indian apparel brand has invested Rs. 18 crores and the payback period is expected to be 5 years.

Speaking at the event, Vinod Kumar Gupta, MD – Dollar Industries shares: “We are keenly focused on environmental-friendly practices. This is an effort in reducing our carbon footprint, maximize water, energy and other naturally available but non-renewable resources. This project is in alignment with our commitment to develop renewable production capabilities to develop quality products for our conscious consumers.”

The solar power plant will help the company make its spinning unit at Tirupur sustainable and self-reliant. Production of a kilogram of cotton yarn consumes power worth Rs. 28. The solar plant will curb CO2 emissions by 9000 kilograms a day facilitating a sustainable environment. The plant has the capacity of generating 75 lakh power units per annum.

Binay Kumar Gupta, Executive MD & Promoter adds: “Excess power, if available, will be used to feed the dyeing unit which is located at Perundurai.”

Dollar Industries holds 15% of the total market share in the organized segment and is the first Indian innerwear company to have a fully integrated manufacturing unit which is equipped with the latest processing technology and the top-most finishing range to produce finished raw material dyed in any possible colour.

Bajrang Kumar Gupta, Executive Whole Time Director & Promoter says: “From installing a windmill for the energy needs of the manufacturing facility, utilizing Zero Discharge Water Treatment, to recycle and reuse the water waste from the facility, Dollar Industries Limited has always integrated the environmental-friendly initiative in its business practices. These help us to not only reduce costs but also conserve the natural resources.”

Dollar Industries has adopted advanced quality products and technologies to achieve global excellence in cost and productivity. Commissioning the solar power plant only reinforces the efforts.


“The solar plant will make its spinning unit sustainable and self-reliant. Excess power can feed its dyeing unit.”

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