Universal Performance and Polygiene® collaborate to create eco-loungewear collection

The post-pandemic consumer is turning their back on fast fashion, opting instead for durable garments as they embrace an environmentally mindful lifestyle. A collaboration between the sustainable activewear brand Universal Performance and Polygiene®, the global leader in odor control technology, represents the perfect fit for an eco-loungewear collection that lasts.

A forward-thinking collection
In a world first, Universal Performance’s signature natural, organic fabrics have been combined with Polygiene’s OdorCrunch™ technology to create hoodies and shorts with the eco-credentials sought by the modern consumer. The winning combination of highly durable, super-soft organic cotton and Polygiene OdorCrunch™ is paving the way for a more sustainable approach to fashion in the future.

By adding Polygiene’s additive OdorCrunch to the cotton, the loungewear in this limited-edition collection stays fresher for longer, reducing the number of washes required and thereby prolonging the lifespan of the garments. The regular washing of clothes diminishes the quality of the garments. It also uses water and electricity and introduces harmful products into the environment – including detergent, microplastics, and microfibers. Polygiene’s simple but effective principle of “Wear More. Wash Less” ensures that this forwardthinking collection offers a practical solution to the pressing issue of sustainable fashion.
“Polygiene’s mission is to enable mindful living through education and practical ways to facilitate this lifestyle. We have promoted our ‘Wear More. Wash Less’ message for many years, and we are aiming to change the way consumers view clothes – from fast consumables to durables. Often, the best solution is a simple one, and we believe the basic principle of making garments last longer by washing them less is the solution that benefits both the industry and the consumer. This partnership is another step forward in our mission.” Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene.

How does it work?
Polygiene OdorCrunch is a 100% natural product both bluesign® and Oekotex® Eco Passport certified, made using silica which the Swedish brand Polygiene sources from local sand. The silica particles attract and capture odor molecules and start to break them down, eliminating the odor. Additionally, OdorCrunch stays within the fabric and remains active throughout the garment’s life. Put simply, this additive keeps clothes smelling fresher for longer, allowing you to keep wearing them without the need for regular washing.

The future of fashion
As environmentally aware Universal Performance appreciates, the textile industry is responsible for reducing its emissions. The most significant negative impact is made during the production phase of garments, and that’s why Universal Performance is not only committed to manufacturing in small batches but to encouraging consumers to purchase garments less frequently. Polygiene’s technologies offer a holistic solution, allowing brands to make clothes that last longer with minimal disruption to the manufacturing process. As the Universal Performance and Polygiene partnership illustrates, taking a more mindful approach to garment manufacturing can add value to a brand’s products and meet the needs of today’s ecoconscious consumer.

“If consumers can refrain from washing one in ten times, we could save 47 million tons (megatons) of
CO2 and 4.5 billion cubic meters of freshwater worldwide. So, if you launch a new clothing company,
it has to be with good intent for the environment to ensure that you are not ‘adding’ to the current
issues that the textile industry creates. This is why we have partnered with Polygiene OdorCrunch to
enable us to create garments that reduce odor so you can wear them more and wash them less; over
the useful lifetime of these garments, this means saving a substantial amount of energy and water
resource. And best of all, Polygiene OdorCrunch is a 100% natural technology made from sand which is perfect for our natural cotton garments, and it’s very exciting that we are the first brand to use
these natural materials together.” Craig Townley, creator and founder of Universal Performance.