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DuPont launches #TyvekTogether increasing protective garment supply

DuPont launched a new program, #TyvekTogether, to increase the overall availability of Tyvek® personal protective garments in the company’s continued efforts to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and protect health care workers.  At full capacity, this initiative could deliver 6 million additional nonsurgical isolation gowns per month by enabling others to join us in protecting even more frontline responders.

“There’s a critical need for protective apparel, and we believe that working with other companies to convert their existing cut-and-sew manufacturing capacity to protective garment fabrication is the fastest way to protect more people,” said John Richard, Vice President & General Manager of DuPont Safety Solutions. “Our dedicated employees around the world are working 24/7 to make more Tyvek® material and patterns available to more organizations, working together to protect those who are protecting us.”

DuPont has invested in equipment and technology to significantly increase its production of Tyvek® and Tychem® garments globally to meet the ever-increasing demand for personal protection equipment (PPE).  Since January we have increased production of Tyvek® garments by more than 9 million garments per month specifically for COVID-19 response, which is more than double the amount produced for any prior crisis.  The #TyvekTogether Program will introduce a new specialized Tyvek®  fabric to enable an increase in the amount of garment production for the COVID-19 response to 15 million garments a month.

The #TyvekTogether Program includes the following components: • A new #TyvekTogether fabric, Tyvek® style 1222A, that has similar barrier  properties to the core DuPontTM Tyvek® 400 garment offerings with adjusted fabric  drape and hand to optimize material usage. • Tyvek® style 1222A is available in roll-good form to existing and new customers with  available cut-and-sew capabilities to increase the total amount of Tyvek® garments  available as quickly as possible. • DuPont will provide garment designs—including patterns and virtual manufacturing  support—for a non-surgical isolation gown and a coverall that are optimized for  simple and productive manufacturing.  With these patterns and technical assistance, we aim to accelerate the speed that new converters are able to begin producing  PPE.

  • Partners can also use their own designs for coveralls and garments to meet local needs. • Additionally, DuPont will donate more than 57,000 Tyvek® coveralls directly to the states in the US most impacted by COVID-19.

The DuPont Personal Protection unit of DuPont Safety & Construction remains committed to helping to protect those who protect others, especially as we strive to protect the dedicated workers on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

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